MVH is Pet Friendly – You MUST Have a Pet Lease!

The down payment is $250 ($150 refundable; $100 nonrefundable to deodorize & deflea). The monthly pet rent ranges from $25-50 per month depending on the size of the pet. If you would like to get a cat/dog, we’ll need written approval from all your roommates (a simple email to the Property Manager is perfect!) before a Pet Lease can be signed.  Please keep in mind that aggressive breeds (Rottweilers or Pit Bulls) are not allowed. German Sheppards & Bulldogs are considered on a case-by-case basis.  UNDISCLOSED PETS RESULT IN A $100/PERSON FINE PER OCCURRENCE!  Be sure to promptly sign a Pet Lease to ensure you (or your roommates!) aren’t subject to a fine.

How to Avoid Fines

At MG we complete frequent, random exterior inspections to keep our community looking its’ best and to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents (monthly exterior light inspections, bi-weekly grounds pick-up & landscaping to name a few!).  Refer to the Rules & Regulations to ensure you are not found in violation of the lease.  These result in a $50/person fine per occurrence. Here’s the nitty gritty, although this list is not all-inclusive:



• Outdoor fire places, pits, chimneys and any outdoor burning device; candles, kegs, illegal drugs, illegal alcohol, hot tubs, water beds, propane cooking devices, indoor furniture outside of the unit and undomesticated animals are prohibited.

• We further understand if the above items are found on the premises, they will be removed and disposed of at the tenant’s expense.

• Outdoor parties are strictly prohibited.

• No Smoking inside dwelling units. Any and all trash from smoking or other activity left outside of a unit shall be tenant responsibility and tenant will be subject to fines as laid out in "Maintenance" above.

• If LANDLORD/AGENT determines that furniture outside the unit is improper, LANDLORD/AGENT will have it removed and TENANT will be charged according to the expense incurred. Each TENANT occupying the premises will be fined a minimum of $50 for improper disposal of trash (i.e. leaving trash in breezeways). No further notice will be given before trash is removed and the fine added to TENANTs account.

• No grills are allowed on the premises. If a grill is found on the premises, tenant agrees Landlord/Agent may remove the grill immediately without notice. Tenant agrees to pay for the removal and disposal of the grill. Tenant agrees to hold Landlord/Agent harmless for any damage or loss of grill.

• Any violation of this lease may, at LANDLORD discretion, result in a fine of $50 per person. Any repeat violation of this lease may, at LANDLORD discretion, result in a minimum fine of $100 per person.

TENANT agrees to conduct himself, and require other persons on the premises with his consent, whether known by TENANT or not, to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb his neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of the premises. Landlord or its agent shall have the right to terminate this lease and evict TENANT if TENANT or any of his assigns, invitees, and/or guests has within a one (1) year period has been twice convicted of violating Section 15-3-2 of the Harrisonburg City Code for violations occurring at the premises or in the near vicinity of the premises. Tenant understands that if Tenant violates any restrictions tenant may be subject to fines.

Utilities During Summer & Winter

Utilities must be kept ON for the duration of your lease term (per the Rules & Regulations), but you can definitely shut off the breaker for items that will be completely out of use when you’re gone.  Flip open the breaker box (it is located in the kitchen).  There will be a large white sticker on the inside of the door that shows what each switch goes to.

You must leave on A/C , Water Heater, Furnace.

You may shutoff the remaining switches, which are: Dryer, Washing Machine, Garbage Disposal, Microwave, Dining/Kitchen, Refrigerator, if empty, Bathroom, Range, Living Room, Dishwasher, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, and Bedroom 3.

The numbers may be slightly different in your apartment.  Please keep in mind that both Harrisonburg Water & Sewer and Harrisonburg Electric Commission charge a monthly minimum, but this should help with the cost no less!

Why Crate Furniture?

Heavy wood furniture with some cushions; that is basically crate furniture. We know, it isn’t the most glamorous furniture ever, but it is possibly the most durable. Many communities offer soft, luxurious, beautiful furniture, but if you ask your friends that have lived in and move out of those Picture of Madison Gardens Crate Furniture in the living roomcommunities how much they had to pay for damaged furniture, you will understand why crate furniture is a great option. We rarely have to charge a tenant for furniture at Mountain View Heights, and when we do, it is typically just to replace some cushions not an entire couch! Care is easy, just vacuum the cushions when you vacuum your floors & wipe the wood with some wood polish from time to time. While it is very durable, we still recommend using costars whenever you have beverage that sweats or leave rings!


We want you to receive a full security deposit refund!  Here are our top 3 tips for items that commonly result in a security deposit deduction.  Don’t forget to visit our Move-out Checklist for more helpful advice.

  1. Graphic of a piggy bank with money going in itPlace a waterproof pad on your mattress and box spring to avoid mattress and box spring replacement(s) due to stains.
  2. Place non-adhesive liners in dresser and nightstand drawers to avoid replacement(s) due to discoloration/stains from liquid spills or from clothing/fabric dyes (cabinetry liners work great).
  3. Do not use adhesives. Instead, decorate with small picture nail hooks, thumbtacks or pushpins.


Security Deposit Examples

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