5 Simple Steps To Ensure a Smooth Check-in

Bedroom Numbers

Your bedroom key will open the front door & your individual bedroom ONLY.  Since we do not assign bedrooms, it’s important that you & your roommates decide which bedroom you’ll each take prior to check-in.

Contact USPS

What to Bring

Be sure to contact the United States Postal Service to update your FULL address:

[First & Last Name]

[Building #] Mountain View Drive, [Apartment #]

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

If you were to order textbooks, for example, online – USPS would place the package (if it would fit) in your mailbox.  If the package would not fit, they would leave a key inside your mailbox for the larger compartment.  If your order is shipped via UPS or Fedex, they would either leave the package at your door (if no signature is required) or have you or one of your roommates sign for the package.  Contact us for any specific questions/concerns you may have about package &/or mail shipments, we’d be happy to help!

Things You Will Need In Your New Apartment

Each Mountain View Height's Apartment comes fully furnished with no additional fees!

  • Living Room: Couch, Chair, Coffee Table
  • Dining Area & Kitchen: Dining room table with 4 chairs
  • Bedrooms: Full Size Mattress/Foundation,  Desk, Chair, Dresser

Is this your first apartment? My First Apartment created The Ultimate Checklist of items to bring to when moving into your first pad. If you are unsure or have any questions about what to bring, just ask!

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Privacy Policy


  • #1 Return the Guaranty of Lease

    Without all 3 Guaranties, you are on a joint account – This means all 3 accounts must reflect a $0 balance for any one tenant to check-in.

    With all 3 Guaranties, you are on an individual account – This means that only your individual account must reflect a $0 to check-in.

    Did you lose the physical copy you were given at check-in and can’t find the electronic copy you were sent via email?  No worries!  Email Info@OffCampusHousing.com to request another copy.

    Find Guarantor Form instructions & details.

  • #2 Pay Your Balance

    Be sure that your account reflects a $0 balance.  This includes:

    • $250 Routine Systems Maintenance Fee

    • $250 Security Deposit

    • $30 Key Fee

    • 1st Months’ Rent ($410)

    Remember: If you’re on a joint account, not only does your balance need to be paid in full, but your roommates’ do, too!  Return the Guaranty of Lease to ensure you’re each on an individual account.

    Pay Online. Request your secure account number from Info@OffCampusHousing.com.

  • #3 Setup Water & Electric

    For utilities, you’ll go through Harrisonburg Electric Commission (540-434-5361) and and Harrisonburg Water & Sewer (540-434-6783). If you’re a JMU student, you can set-up these services through the Utility Deposit Assistance Program (UDAP) & waive the security deposit requirements. These two utilities are in addition to your monthly rent.  Utilities must be ON and in your name(s) for the duration of your lease term.

    Trash/recycling collection from the onsite receptacles & internet via HighSpeedLink are included in your monthly rent.  You’ll be given your secure Wi-Fi login information at check-in.

  • #4 Check-in

    If 1-3 are done, you’re ready to check-in!  Visit the main Matchbox office, located at 202 North Liberty Street, Harrisonburg, VA  22802. with a government-issued ID.  We’ll have your parking stickers & keys ready!  A couple reminders:

    • On your lease start date, your lease begins at 12pm. We work up until the last minute to ensure your apartment looks perfect.  Therefore, keys cannot be issued early – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please plan accordingly.

    • We’ll snap your photo for your internal account with us. Don’t worry – no one will see the photo but us! If you’re ever locked out of your apartment without an ID, we can verify your identity by your photo.

    If you aren’t able to come pick-up your keys during normal business hours, you have 2 options:

    1. If there’s an individual who is in town and you would trust to pick up your keys on your behalf, shoot an email to Info@OffCampusHousing.com with that individual’s first & last name. We’ll make a note on your account to allow the release of your key to that person.

    2. We have an employee on call 24/7. If you’re willing to pay a $50 cash charge (equal to our lockout fee), we’ll send them out to the Matchbox office ANY time to get your key(s). If you would like to go this route, dial 540-434-5150 and press extension 7.

  • #5 Return Move-in Inspection

    The first tenant to check-in for your apartment was given the move-in inspection, which is due back to our office within 5 days. The move-in inspection is your and your roommates’ opportunity to document any existing cosmetic damage to your apartment to ensure you are not held liable for those preexisting damages at move-out. There is 1 move-in inspection for the entire apartment. If you don’t want to be charged for it, WRITE IT DOWN!  If there any functional damages you notice upon your move-in, such as a broken toilet seat, submit a maintenance request. You’ll be given your mail key when you return the move-in inspection.

    *The exception to the move-in inspection is if you signed an as-is lease. Keep in mind that since there is no turnover period with an as-is lease, there is no formal move-out/move-in inspection procedure (and thus no move-in inspection). Tenants who sign an as-is lease are given (per Specific Provisions) 10 days from commencement date of their lease to report any preexisting damages.